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<br />MINUTES <br /> <br />CITY OF SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL AND <br />SAN LEANDRO REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />JOINT MEETING <br /> <br />FEBRUARY 17,2004 <br /> <br />Civic Center <br />835 East 14th Street <br />San Leandro, California <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br />7:00 PM~City Council Chambers <br /> <br />I. CALL TO ORDER <br /> <br />A. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag <br /> <br />MClnbcrs of Cub Scout Pack 6 18, Trcs Ranchos District, San Francisco Bay Arca <br />Council, Boy Scouts or America, led the Pledge or Allegiance to the Flag. <br /> <br />B. Roll C:JII <br /> <br />PRESENT: Members Badgcr, Glazc, Grant, Nardine, Santos; Mayor Young <br /> <br />ABSENT: Member Stephens <br /> <br />Mayor Young introduced David S, Warner, a mcmber of the Meyers Nave law firm, <br />who attended the meeting in the absence of City Attorney Jayne Williams. <br /> <br />Vice Mayor Glaze noted that 42 years ago, he was a member OfCllb Scout Pack 61 R. <br /> <br />2. PRRSRNTATIONS/RECOGNITIONS <br /> <br />Mayor Young invited Councilmcmber Badger, who is the District Chaim1an or thc Tres <br />Ranchos District, to present a special recognition. Councilmember Badger presented a <br />commendation from the Mayor and City Council to Vice Mayor Bob Glaze for receiving the <br />prestigious Silver Beaver Award for distinguished service to youth from the Tres Ranchos <br />District, San Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts or America. <br /> <br />Mayor Young introduced Fatima Kassam from the Port of Oakland. Ms. Kassarn gave a <br />presentation on Regional Measure 2 on the March 2, 2004 ballot. Regional Measure 2 would <br />authorize a $] .00 bridge toll increase on seven Bay Area blidges to fund a variety of transit <br />projects. <br />