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<br />Assembly Uses Overlay District <br />Amendments to Articles 3, 5 and 17 and Zoning Map <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />March 19, 2007 <br /> <br />A joint worksession with the Board of Zoning Adjustments and Planning Commission was held <br />on October 19. Based upon policy and criteria set forth in the General Plan, staff presented two <br />options for consideration: I} Amend the Zoning Code to allow Assembly Uses (includes 'clubs <br />& lodges' and 'religious assembly') as conditionally permitted in the IL zone; or 2) Apply an <br />Assembly Use Overlay to identified areas. The direction given by the Board and Commission <br />was for staff to move forward with consideration of Option 2. Subsequent to the joint work <br />session, and after additional data analysis by staff, this option was presented to several advisory <br />committees, including the West San Leandro/MacArthur Boulevard Redevelopment Area <br />Advisory Committee, the Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, and the Joint <br />Redevelopment Area Advisory Committee. At the December 7, 2006 Board of Zoning <br />Adjustments meeting, the refined proposal for an Assembly Use Overlay was presented to the <br />Board for comment. Available meeting minutes are attached. <br /> <br />DRAFT ORDINANCE <br /> <br />The proposed amendments may be summarized with the following changes: <br /> <br />. Amend Article 3 - Definitions, delete 'Clubs and Lodges' and 'Religious Assembly' <br />definitions and replace with new 'Assembly Use' definition; <br /> <br />. Amend Article 5 - Residential, to delete separate 'Religious Assembly' and 'Clubs and <br />Lodges' terms and replace with 'Assembly Uses' (to be conditionally permitted in all R <br />zones); <br /> <br />. Amend Article 13 - Special Review Overlay District, to include new sections addressing <br />formation and applicability of an Assembly Use Overlay; <br /> <br />. Amend Article 17 - Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations, to make consistent with <br />other amendments; <br /> <br />. Amend the Zoning Map to show an Assembly Use (-AU) designation for those properties <br />designated for the Assembly Use Overlay (underlying zoning designations will not <br />change). <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />In evaluating the policy issue of expanding the locations where assembly uses could locate in the <br />City, staff notes that analyzing this matter raises larger General Plan policy issues. Staff looked at <br />the following overriding General Plan Policies for guidance: <br /> <br />~ "The areas most suitable for conversion to non-industrial uses are those located adjacent <br />to existing housing, or in areas which lack the amenities to meet the needs of modem <br />industry. Such areas exist along San Leandro Boulevard, Alvarado Street, and Marina <br />Boulevard" (Page 3-52 ofthe General Plan); <br />