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<br />CITY OF SAN LEANDRO <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL AIRPORT COMMITTEE <br /> <br />March 2, 2007 <br />9:00 a.m. -10:30 a.m. <br /> <br />San Leandro City Hall <br />835 East 14th Street <br />San Leandro, California <br />Sister Cities Gallery <br /> <br />HIGHLIGHTS <br /> <br />Committee Members: Mayor Santos, Councilmember Starosciak, Councilmember ProIa <br /> <br />City staff present: <br /> <br />John Jermanis, City Manager; Steve Hollister, Assistant City Manager; <br />Kathy Ornelas, Community Relations Representative <br /> <br />Public present: <br /> <br />Carla Kell-Smith, C. Kell-Smith and Associates; Mary Knuckles, C. <br />Kell-Smith and Associates; Wayne Bryant, Airport Noise Management <br />Office; Larry Berlin, North Field Airport Manager; Dennis Rosucci, <br />South Field Group; John Manuel, South Field Group <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m. <br /> <br />1. Update on Residential Noise Insulation Program <br /> <br />Mary Knuckles and Carla Kell-Smith gave a progress report on the Airport Noise Insulation <br />Program. Construction has been completed in the 10 homes in the introductory phase of the <br />program. Noise measurements in the two sample homes measured better that expected noise <br />reduction, exceeding the 5dB reduction that is the target of the program. <br /> <br />For Phase I of the program, 77 homes have been surveyed and the homeowners have signed the <br />required documents to participate in the program. The contractor from the introductory phase, <br />G.E. Chen Construction, will be providing a cost estimate for these next 77 homes for review <br />by the City and the Port of Oakland. If their cost estimates are acceptable, staffwill be coming <br />to the full City Council requesting a change order to the original contract to include these 77 <br />homes. <br /> <br />28 additional homes remain on the list from the original project lottery held in 2004. These <br />would be included in Phase II of the project. Some of those homes have since been sold and <br />others are currently up for sale. C.Kell-Smith is attempting to contact the new homeowners to <br />determine ifthey wish to participate in the program. C. Kell-Smith has done additional <br />noticing to project area property owners in the 56 CNEL contour. 18 property owners have <br />indicated they are interested in participating. <br />