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<br />AGENDA Page 2 <br />City of San Leandro City Council and San Leandro Redevelopment Agency Joint Meeting-March 19,2007 <br /> <br />. Resolution Commending Elmer Costa for His Years of Service on the Recreation <br />and Parks Commission. (1020) <br /> <br />- Motion <br /> <br />B. Matter of Appointments and Reappointments of Board and Commission Members. <br /> <br />. Resolution Appointing Darryl Shields as District 3 Member to Board of Zoning <br />Adjustments. (1019) <br /> <br />. Resolution Appointing Debra Vandiver as District 3 Member to Human Services <br />Commission. (2024) <br /> <br />. Resolution Appointing Renee Souza as District 3 Member to Library-Historical <br />Commission. (1017) <br /> <br />. Resolution Appointing Anna Brannan and Reappointing Shirley McManus as At <br />Large Members to Personnel Relations Board. (1016) <br /> <br />. Resolution Appointing Denise. Abero as District 3 Member to Planning <br />Commission. (1018) <br /> <br />. Resolution Appointing Kimberly Wilson as District 3 Member to Recreation and <br />Parks Commission. (1020) <br /> <br />. Resolution Reappointing Robert K vam as District 3 Member to Senior <br />Commission. (2143) <br /> <br />- Adopt <br /> <br />3. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> <br />Public Hearing Comments are limited to 5 minutes per speaker, subject to adjustment by the <br />Mayor. When you address the City Council, you should fiU out a speaker card and submit it <br />to the City Clerk so the order of speakers may be determined and an official record of names <br />and addresses obtained. <br /> <br />A. Matter of Ordinance Amending San Leandro Zoning Code as Follows Relating to <br />Assembly Uses: Article 3, Deleting Definitions for 'Clubs and Lodges' and 'Religious <br />Assembly' and Adding a New Definition for 'Assembly Uses'; Article 5, Amending <br />Sections 2-504, 2-506, 2-508, and 2-510 for Consistency with New Definitions; Article <br />13, Adding New Sections 3-1320 Through 3-1330; Article 17, Amending Section4- <br />1704; and Matter of Amending San Leandro Zoning Map to Include 197 Properties with <br />an Assembly Use (-AU) Overlay District Designation, Which Would Allow Assembly <br />Uses to Be Conditionally Permitted on These Properties. <br />