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<br />IN THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAN LEANDRO <br /> <br />MINUTE ORDER NO. 2007-036 <br /> <br />(1098) <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />Matter of Ordinance Amending San Leandro Zoning Code as Follows <br />Relating to Assembly Uses: Article 3, Deleting Definitions for 'Clubs and <br />Lodges' and 'Religious Assembly' and Adding a New Definition for <br />'Assembly Uses'; Article 5, Amending Sections 2-504, 2-506, 2-508, and <br />2-510 for Consistency with New Definitions; Article 13, Adding New <br />Sections 3-1320 Through 3-1330; Article 17, Amending Section 4-1704; <br />and Matter of Amending San Leandro Zoning Map to Include 196 <br />Properties with an Assembly Use (-AU) Overlay District Designation, <br />Which Would Allow Assembly Uses to Be Conditionally Permitted on <br />These Properties. <br /> <br />MEETING DATE: March 19, 2007 <br /> <br />ACTION: <br /> <br />The City Council adopted the Negative Declaration and declaring it as <br />complete and in compliance with California Environmental Quality <br />Act (CEQA) requirements related to amending San Leandro Zoning <br />Code Assembly Uses: Article 3, deleting definitions for 'Clubs and <br />Lodges' and 'Religious Assembly' and adding a new definition for <br />'Assembly Uses'; Article 5, amending Sections 2-504, 2-506, 2-508, <br />and 2-510 for consistency with new definitions; Article 13, adding new <br />Sections 3-1320 through 3-1330; Article 17, amending Section 4-1704; <br />and matter of amending San Leandro Zoning Map to include 196 <br />properties with an Assembly Use (-AU) Overlay District designation, <br />which would allow assembly uses to be conditionally permitted on these <br />properties. <br /> <br />VOTE: <br /> <br />M/S/C Gregory and Starosciak. Ayes: 7; Noes: 0 <br /> <br />MARIAN HANDA <br />City Clerk <br />