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<br />AGENDA Page 2 <br />City of San Leandro City Council and San Leandro Redevelopment Agency Joint Meeting-May 7, 2007 <br /> <br />to the City Clerk so the order of speakers may be determined and an official record of names <br />and addresses obtained. <br /> <br />A. Matter of PLN2006-00104, Planned Development, Zoning Map Amendment, and <br />Vesting Tentative Map; to rezone the properties at 311-335 MacArthur <br />BoulevardlHerma Court from CC Commercial Community and RS Residential Single- <br />Family Districts to CC (PD) and RS(PD), respectively. The project is a proposed <br />residential development with 23 townhouses at the comer of MacArthur Boulevard and <br />Herma Court. Proposed amenities include a private roadway, an internal park area, <br />attached one- and two-car garages, and six guest parking spaces on the site. The site is <br />zoned CC Commercial Community District and RS Residential Single-Family. <br />Assessor's Parcel Numbers 76-311-1-1, 76-311-1-3, 76-311-3, 76-311-4, and 76-311-5; <br />311-335 MacArthur BoulevardlHerma Court; Ruffin Architecture (Applicant); <br />Settlemeir Properties (Property Owner). <br /> <br />· An Ordinance Zoning Certain Property Herein Described as to Rezoning District <br />and Amending Zoning Map, PLN2006-00104, 311-335 MacArthur Boulevard, <br />Assessor's Parcel Numbers 76-311-1-1,76-311-1-3,76-311-3,76-311-4, and 76- <br />311-5. (1024/1099) <br /> <br />- Pass to Print <br /> <br />· Resolution Approving Findings for Vesting Tentative Map Tract 7875, PLN2006- <br />00104, 311-335 MacArthur Boulevard, Assessor's Parcel Numbers 76-311-1-1, <br />76-311-1-3, 76-311-3, 76-311-4, and 76-311-5. (3116) <br /> <br />- Adopt <br /> <br />· Motion Approving the Planned Development PLN2006-00104; to construct a 23- <br />unit, three-story residential for-sale row-home development at the comer of <br />MacArthur Boulevard and Herma Court on a lot that totals 0.99 acre. Units range <br />in livable area from 1,151 square feet to 2,042 square feet. The site is zoned CC <br />Commercial Community District and RS Residential Single-Family District. 311- <br />335 MacArthur Boulevard; Assessor's Parcel Numbers 76-311-1-1, 76-311-1-3, <br />76-311-3, 76-311-4, and 76-311-5; Ruffin Architecture (Applicant); Settlemeir <br />Properties (Property Owner). (1009) <br /> <br />- Motion <br /> <br />B. Matter of Appeal by International Church Foursquare Gospel, Applicant, of the <br />Decision of the Planning Commission's Denial of PLN2006-00049; Rezone and <br />Zoning Map Amendment to rezone the properties identified as 14600 and 14850 <br />Catalina Street from Industrial Park (IP) to Industrial Park, Assembly Use Overlay <br />(IP-AU). No physical changes to the properties are proposed as part of this <br />entitlement. The project site is located at the southeast comer of Catalina Street and <br />Farallon Drive and is comprised of three separate parcels. Assessor's Parcel Numbers <br />