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<br />CITY OF SAN LEANDRO <br /> <br />APPROVED AND <br />FORWARDED <br />TO CITY COUNCIL <br /> <br />STAFF REPORT <br /> <br />DATE: <br /> <br />May 7, 2007 <br /> <br /> <br />TO: <br /> <br />John Jermanis, City Manager <br /> <br />FROM: <br /> <br />Hanson Hom, Community Development Director <br /> <br />BY: Debbie Pollart, Planning Manager eP <br />SUBJECT PROJECT/PROJECT DESCRIPTION: <br /> <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING CONTRACTUAL SERVICES AGREEMENT (CSA) <br />BETWEEN THE CITY OF SAN LEANDRO AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE <br />ASSOCIATES (ESA) RELATED TO PREPARATION OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL AND <br />REGULATORY CONSTRAINTS ASSESSMENT FOR THE MARINA STUDY AREA <br /> <br />SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />Staff recommends that the City Council approve a Contractual Services Agreement (CSA) with <br />ESA for an amount not to exceed $34,978 to prepare an Environmental and Regulatory <br />Constraints Assessment for the Marina study area. This assessment is a necessary first step in <br />looking at potential options for future uses in the study area. <br /> <br />It has been over 13 years since a comprehensive study on the Marina area was accomplished. <br />One task of the proposed assessment is to take a snapshot of the area, characterizing the existing <br />environmental factors within the proposed study area. A second task of the assessment will be to <br />contact 2-6 other Bay Area marinas that have undergone or are contemplating major land use <br />changes (including one that has maintained its harbor, and one that has closed its harbor). <br />Thirdly, there are at least nine agencies (at federal, state and 10ca11eve1s) that either have direct <br />jurisdiction over portions of the Marina, or may be considered a responsible agency for any <br />future changes that may be proposed. The consultant will contact applicable agencies to <br />determine constraints and opportunities based on the agencies' policies and procedures. A formal <br />assessment report will be prepared, documenting the consultant's findings, and outlining <br />implications with respect to redevelopment options. A draft report will be presented to the <br />Marina Committee for review (consultants anticipate two-three months for completion of the <br />assessment). A final report will then be forwarded to the City Council. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />The City Council has established the Marina Committee, a standing committee which started <br />monthly meetings in March 2007. As reported to the Committee by various department staff, the <br />harbor operations have operated at a loss (costs now partially covered by the Shoreline and Golf <br />Course funds) for a number of years. With full federal funding for dredging of the harbor not <br />