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<br />City Council/San Leandro Unified School District Liaison Committee <br />April 19, 2007 Meeting Highlights <br /> <br />Present: Board Member Hague, Board Member Richards, Board Member Perry, Mayor <br />Santos, Vice Mayor Grant (3: 15), Councilmember Gregory, Superintendent Lim, City <br />Manager Jermanis, Assistant City Manager Hollister, Recreation & Park Director <br />Knudtson <br /> <br />1. Update on Measure B Oversight Committee & Proiect Design Teams <br />Superintendent Lim gave an overview of the Measure B Committee and Design Team <br />process. She distributed a list containing all of the Design Team members and the <br />organizations they represent. Both teams have met several times and have a <br />structured manner in which to look at each project area. The project areas are: Ninth <br />Grade Campus, San Leandro High School Library, Arts Education Center, <br />Technology & Industrial Arts Building, and PG&E Parking Lot. The notes on each <br />committee's meetings are now on the school's web-site. <br /> <br />2. Discussion of Potential Joint Proiect ~ Theatre Capacity at the Arts Education <br />Center <br />Board Member Hague and Superintendent Lim gave an overview of the Arts <br />Education Center and the District's desire to increase the theatre capacity from 450 <br />seats to 650 seats. The addition of 200 seats would result in ala million dollar cost <br />increase over the anticipated 17 million dollars for the original project. In addition to <br />increasing the audience size for performances, a 650 capacity would allow for class <br />assemblies in the location. The school district wants to find out if the City is <br />interested in funding half of this increased cost. Mayor Santos questioned operating <br />expenses, as he was told at a League of California Cities conference that performing <br />arts theatres required heavy subsidies. The City Manager agreed with this outlook. <br />The school district has not studied the operating expenses for the theatre. It was <br />agreed that the school district would study the Castro Valley experience and the <br />Pleasanton experience with performing arts theatres, their capital costs, and ongoing <br />operating costs. Vice Mayor Grant raised a question from several constituents in the <br />high school neighborhood concerning traffic problems during multiple event times. <br /> <br />3. Sharing of the District's Web-Site <br />Superintendent Lim gave an overview of the school district's revamped web-site and <br />passed out a copy of the home page. The web-site is tri -lingual in English, Spanish <br />and Chinese, provides updates on the Measure B projects, and also provides Board <br />briefs on the Board meetings the next day for public review. Members were <br />encouraged to visit the web-site. <br />