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Minutes - City of San Leandro City Council Meeting Page - 2 - <br />January 12, 1998 <br />- Letter from Applicant: <br />- Cynthia Lin, Director of Community Affairs, West Region, Wal-Mart, <br />January 7, 1998. <br />- Letter from Appellant: <br />- Daniel L. Cardozo of Adams Broadwell & Joseph, Representing United <br />Food & Commercial Workers' Union, Local 870, and Marla Donati, et <br />al, January 7, 1998. <br />Letters in Suooort of Wal-Mart Received by the City Clerk's Office: <br />- Jean Geritz, 1340 - 148th Avenue, December 21, 1997. <br />- Kathy Marshall, 2602 West Avenue 133rd, December 22, 1997. <br />- Jeff Abramson, Vice President, West Gate Shopping Center, 1933 <br />Davis Street, December 30, 1997. <br />- Willard F. Tunney, President, West Gate San Leandro, 1933 Davis <br />Street, December 30, 1997. <br />- Clarence E. Bass, 1365 Graff Avenue, January 4, 1998. <br />- Scott W. Compton, President, Hazardous Materials Assessment, Inc., <br />1933 Davis Street, Suite 303 (a West Gate tenant), January 5, <br />1998. <br />- Letter~Phone Call in Opposition to Wal-Mart Received by the City <br />Clerk's Office• <br />- Joel DeWitt, 1458 - 138th Avenue, November 12, 1997. <br />- Ann and Tom Evans, January 5, 1998. (Phone) <br />This being the time and place for the Public Hearing on the above <br />matter, Mayor Corbett briefly explained the process that would be <br />followed regarding the Public Hearing. <br />City Manager John Jermanis commented on the project and indicated the <br />Assistant City Attorney, Mike Riback, would be clarifying the issues <br />before the Council this evening. <br />Assistant City Attorney Riback outlined the issues before the Council <br />and clarified the subject matter. <br />June Catalano, Director of Development Services, and Steve Emslie, <br />Planning Manager, gave a brief introductory staff presentation and <br />introduced Kathy Livermore, Associate City Planner, who went over the <br />details of the Appeal matter before the Council. <br />Uche Udemezue, City Engineer, outlined the Appeal issues relating to the <br />lot-line-adjustment matter. <br />Staff's recommendation is for the Council to uphold the decision of the <br />Planning Planning Commission, which denied the Appeals and upheld the <br />Administrative Decisions made by the Zoning Enforcement Official and the <br />City Engineer. <br />Council questions and discussion ensued regarding the MOU and its true <br />intent as it relates to retail space to be utilized. Questions <br />regarding access to the project were also asked and answered by staff. <br />