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Minutes - City of San Leandro City Council Meeting Page - 3 - <br />January 12, 1998 <br />Dan Cardozo, Legal Counsel Representing United Food & Commercial <br />Workers' Union, Local 870, and Marla Donati, et al., along with Ann <br />Moore and Dan Smith, gave a 15-minute presentation to Council outlining <br />their reasons for asking that the Appeals be upheld. <br />Jeff Abramson, Representing Westgate, along with Steve Lane of Wal-Mart <br />and Judy Davidoff, Legal Counsel, gave a 15-minute presentation <br />outlining their reasons for asking that the Appeals be denied. <br />Council discussion <br />representatives by Cc <br />or groceries within <br />representatives were <br />but noted that it is <br />Leandro store. <br />ensued and a request was made of Wal-Mart <br />iuncil Member Glaze to commit to not selling alcohol <br />their proposed store in San Leandro. Wal-Mart <br />not willing to commit to such a request in writing <br />their intent to not sell those items in their San <br />Council continued by asking and having questions answered by both the <br />Appellant and the Applicant's representatives. <br />The Council recessed at 9:35 p.m. to 9:40 p.m. <br />The Hearing was then opened to the public. <br />James C. Prola, 2234 Belvedere Avenue, addressed the Council in support <br />of the Appeal and requested a full Public Hearing on the issues. <br />Ann L. Hague, 1102 San Rafael Street, addressed the Council in <br />opposition to the Appeal. <br />Darlene Evans, 361 Bristol Boulevard, addressed the Council requesting <br />that they consider cutting down on the garden space within Wal-Mart. <br />Anthony Santos, 14495 Nassau Road, addressed the Council in support of <br />Wal-Mart. He suggested they contribute $10,000 to the Davis Street <br />community for parks and share 10% of the Sales Tax revenue with the <br />Davis Street residents to address their concerns. <br />Council Member Glaze noted for the record that Jeff Nichols, <br />Representing Home Depot, 601 South Placentia Avenue, Fullerton, CA, had <br />been present to address the Council in support of Wal-Mart but had to <br />leave. <br />Betsy Venters, 1322 Castro Street, addressed the Council, requesting <br />they uphold the MOU. <br />Andrew R. Herrera, 31360 Santa Ana Way, Union City, addressed the <br />Council in support of Wal-Mart. <br />