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• <br /> Current Cite Council Policy <br /> Not applicable. <br /> Previous City Council Action(s) <br /> September 13, 2005 — City Council approved a five (5) -year agreement with Redflex Traffic <br /> Systems, Inc. to provide a Red Light Photo Enforcement Program. <br /> Fiscal Impact <br /> The equipment used for the Red Light Camera System is on a lease basis from the vendor, <br /> Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. The monthly leasing fee per approach was 55,800 during the <br /> duration of the expired contract. The negotiated fee for the new contract is 55,200 monthly per <br /> approach, and the number of approaches has been reduced to five (5). It was determined that <br /> there was no longer a need for a red light camera at the approach at Lewelling <br /> Boulevard /Washington Avenue due to the drastically reduced number of violations since the <br /> deployment of the camera, and the lack of fines generated to cover the monthly leasing cost. <br /> Budget Authority <br /> Red Light Camera General Fund Account - 010 -21 -021 -5610 <br /> 41 / <br /> Tracy Vesely, Finance Di r-ctor <br /> CONCLUSION <br /> The Red Light Camera Program has proven to be a valuable tool in reducing the number of red <br /> light violations and collisions in our community. The City has enjoyed a good working <br /> relationship with Redflex Traffic Systems during the initial five year (5) contract period and <br /> anticipates a continued successful partnership with them heading into the future. Redflex has an <br /> excellent working relationship with the Alameda County courts, and is currently the only red <br /> light camera company being used by agencies within the County. As traffic concerns arise in <br /> other areas of the City, Redflex will continue to provide the Traffic Division with traffic studies <br /> to determine possible additional areas of need. Therefore, it is recommended that the City <br /> Council approve the renewal of the contract through December 31, 2018. <br />