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SXN <br />City of San Leandro <br />Meeting Date: June 4, 2012 <br />Minutes <br />File Number: 12 -270 <br />TO: City Council <br />FROM: Chris Zapata <br />City Manager <br />BY: Lianne Marshall <br />Assistant City Manager <br />FINANCE REVIEW: Not Applicable <br />Agenda Section: CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Agenda Number: 8.A. <br />TITLE: APPROVE: Minutes of the Meeting of May 21, 2012 <br />ATTACHMENT <br />Draft Minutes of May 21, 2012 <br />PREPARED BY: Marian Handa, City Clerk, City Manager's Office <br />City of San Leandro Page 1 Printed on 512912012 <br />