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Minutes - San Leandro City Council Meeting - April 5, 1993 Page - 2 - <br /> PUBLIC COMMENTS (continued) <br /> Mr. Filipovich said he objected to the destruction of the Petitions. <br /> He said the average citizen does not have an opportunity to ask <br /> questions regarding Agenda items and said the public was shut out of <br /> Task Force Meetings. <br /> 6. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> Lou Filipovich requested that Item F be removed from the Consent Calendar. <br /> He said the description of the item was so broad and wide it was not <br /> possible to tell exactly what it entailed. He also had comments regarding <br /> the Minutes of the meeting of March 15 and March 22, which he said went <br /> along with the Resolution Amending the 1992-93 Budget. <br /> Mayor Karp asked Mr. Filipovich if he had a correction to the Minutes. Mr. <br /> Filipovich said he was asking for a clarification of what took place on <br /> Item F, which was related to the Minutes. <br /> Council Member Perry noted the Minutes refer to the upcoming budget and <br /> Budget Strategies, but Item F amends the current fiscal year 1992-93 <br /> budget. She said extensive details for Item F were available in the Agenda <br /> packet, which is located in the Lobby of City Hall and also in the Library. <br /> Mr. Filipovich said, in the Minutes of March 15, Council Member Faria <br /> expressed concern regarding some of the positions that were going to be cut <br /> and sidewalk repairs. Mr. Filipovich asked what was meant by a Risk <br /> Manager. <br /> Mayor Karp asked Mr. Filipovich if he had any corrections or additions to <br /> the Minutes. Mr. Filipovich said the March 22, Minutes indicated that Vice <br /> Mayor Faria said all of his concerns had been covered in the staff report <br /> and he expected to receive input and a good budget. <br /> • Council Member Perry said Item F, which Mr. Filipovich removed, deals with <br /> the 1992-93 budget. She said the 1993-94 Budget Strategies and details had <br /> also been available in the Agenda packet. <br /> A. Minutes of the Meeting of March 15, 1993. <br /> The Minutes were removed from the Consent Calendar to New Business. <br /> B. The minutes of the meeting of March 22, 1993 were approved as <br /> submitted. <br />