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MINUTES - <br /> SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> FEBRUARY 1, 1993 <br /> The City Council of the City of San Leandro met in regular session in the City <br /> Council Chamber of the City Hall on the above date at 8:00 p.m. , Mayor Karp <br /> presiding. • <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br /> 3. ROLL CALL •• <br /> PRESENT: Council Members Corbett, Faria, Kerr, Myers, Perry, Polvorosa; <br /> Mayor Karp <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> 4. PRESENTATIONS <br /> A. Presentation of "The New Constellation" Award to Mayor Karp by Martin <br /> A. Francis. <br /> Mr. Francis read the award: The New Constellation Award is named <br /> after an important historical fact. When America's Founding Fathers <br /> gave the fledgling nation its very first symbol , they said the Flag <br /> represented, 'a New Constellation. ' They told the world that the <br /> United States of America was a new constellation in the firmament of <br /> nations. . .a new constellation in the galaxy of governments. . .a new <br /> constellation in the relationships of man to government, of government <br /> to man, and of both to God." <br /> He said it was presented to Mayor Karp in recognition of his leadership <br /> in honoring 'All World War II Veterans' on Veterans' Day 1992. <br /> 5. PUBLIC COMMENTS Public Comments are limited to 3 minutes per person. <br /> A. David Glen, 2287 West 136th Avenue, said his vehicle was towed by the • <br /> Police Department. He said the Police Department contracts with San <br /> Leandro Tow Company, and he feels the charges for towing his vehicle <br /> were outrageous. He said he obtained a copy of the City's contract, <br /> and he feels San Leandro Towing exceeded the permissible charges in the <br /> contract. He talked to the Police Department about this but has gotten <br /> no response. <br /> Mayor Karp suggested that Mr. Glen talk to Kathy Ornelas, Community, 1 <br /> Relations Representative. <br />