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MINUTES <br /> SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> NOVEMBER 1, 1993 <br /> The City .Council of the City of San Leandro met in Regular Session in the City <br /> Council Chambers of the City Hall on the above date at 8:00 p.m. , Mayor Faria <br /> presiding. <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br /> 3. ROLL CALL <br /> PRESENT: Council Members Corbett, Kerr, Myers, Nahm, Perry, Polvorosa; <br /> Mayor Faria <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> 4. PRESENTATIONS <br /> None <br /> 5. PUBLIC COMMENTS Public Comments are limited to 3 minutes per person. <br /> A. Lavern Anderson, 1495 - 159th Avenue, on behalf of The Bonaire Civic <br /> League, thanked the City for having Chez Doucet Restaurant cleaned up. <br /> He also said that the City's policy related to garbage works. <br /> B. James Driver, 16273 Galway Court, Ashland area, spoke regarding <br /> Redevelopment. He requested that the City Council allow public <br /> comments about Redevelopment Agency matters during the Agency meeting <br /> rather than under Public Comments during the City Council meeting. He <br /> said continued heavy handling of the unincorporated area in the <br /> Redevelopment area will generate an East Oakland situation. He asked <br /> the City to take the lead with the County to establish a citizens' <br /> advisory group in the unincorporated area. He said the Redevelopment <br /> Program is chasing a receding retail wave. <br /> Mike Oliver, City Manager, said the Joint Redevelopment Project <br /> represents an historic joint effort and involves a great deal of <br /> teamwork. He said the County has been working on the Specific Plan for <br /> a number of years. He said the Joint Program involves long-term <br /> planning and financing in a sincere effort to address the situation. <br /> Mr. Oliver directed June Catalano, Development Director, to work with <br /> Mr. Driver to address his concerns. <br />