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MINUTES <br /> SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> DECEMBER 20, 1993 <br /> The City Council of the City of San Leandro met in Regular Session in the City <br /> Council Chambers of the City Hall on the above date at 8:00 p.m. , Mayor Faria <br /> presiding. <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br /> 3. ROLL CALL <br /> PRESENT: Council Members Corbett, Kerr, Myers, Nahm, Perry, Polvorosa; <br /> Mayor Faria <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> 4. PRESENTATIONS <br /> A. Presentation by Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District. <br /> Ed Suchman, 1524 Purdue Street, Mosquito Abatement Trustee, thanked the <br /> City Council for his reappointment to the District Board and introduced <br /> John Rusmisel , Environmental Specialist, Alameda County Mosquito <br /> Abatement District. <br /> Mr. Rusmisel said tonight was the first of many presentations he would <br /> be making regarding the activities of the District. He said the <br /> District has been providing mosquito abatement to San Leandro for more <br /> than 60 years. They control mosquitos on a day-to-day basis in areas <br /> such as Roberts' Landing, San Leandro and San Lorenzo Creeks, and <br /> fishponds throughout the City. They have offices in Hayward, with a <br /> staff of 13, and are governed by a Board of Directors appointed by each <br /> City and the County. They concentrate on source reduction and source <br /> prevention, which includes work to enhance water circulation, including <br /> review of plans such as the Water Circulation and Drainage Plan. They <br /> distribute mosquito fish, do larviciding, monitor for diseases, and <br /> provide public education. They are now concentrating on the public <br /> education activities and are working with the schools. <br /> Council Member Kerr said the District has been doing a fantastic job. <br /> Council Member Nahm asked how they treat mosquitos in the Chabot Park <br /> area. Mr. Rusmisel said many of those problems are from backyard <br /> sources, and they are working on public education to deal with them. <br />