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City of San Leandro <br />Meeting Date: July 16, 2012 <br />Staff Report <br />File Number: 12 -385 Agenda Section: ACTION ITEMS <br />Agenda Number: 10.G. <br />TO: City Council <br />FROM: Chris Zapata <br />City Manager <br />BY: Lianne Marshall <br />Assistant City Manager <br />FINANCE REVIEW: Not Applicable <br />TITLE: Staff Report for Council Discussion and Direction Regarding Process for <br />Appointment to Fill District 4 Council Vacancy <br />l4ill LTA LTA /_1Wall L1 I11:10191 LTA I LTA INI 0I17AIIQ0K <br />The San Leandro City Charter requires the Council to fill a vacant Council seat within 60 days. <br />If the Council fails to fill such vacancy within 60 days after its existence, the Council shall call <br />a special election, at which the unexpired remainder of the term of such office shall be filled <br />by the voters. With an impending short -term (5 month) vacancy on the City Council, the <br />expense and logistics of conducting a special election to fill the vacancy is not practical or <br />feasible. Therefore, staff recommends that the Council discuss an appointment process and <br />timeline, and direct staff to implement the process to fill the vacancy. <br />It is recommended that the City Council, by motion: <br />1. Declare its intention to fill the upcoming District 4 Council vacancy by appointment and <br />direct staff to provide public notice of the vacancy and the application process; and <br />2. Approve the process and timeline for filling the District 4 Council vacancy. <br />It is further recommended that the Council request that the Mayor appoint an ad hoc <br />committee to develop questions for the applicant interviews. <br />:Cr] 00] 0111] <br />At the July 2, 2012 City Council meeting, District 4 City Councilmember Joyce Starosciak <br />announced that she would be moving out of San Leandro sometime in late July or early <br />August. Councilmember Starosciak's departure from District 4 would disqualify her from <br />holding office and would immediately create a vacancy on the City Council. Section 250 of <br />the Charter of the City of San Leandro requires that a vacancy on the City Council be filled by <br />appointment by the Council within 60 days of the existence of the vacancy and if not filled <br />within that time frame, a special election shall be called to fill the seat for the unexpired term. <br />City of San Leandro Page 1 Printed on 7/10/2012 <br />