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MINUTES <br /> SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL MEETING <br /> JANUARY 11, 1993 <br /> The City Council of the City of San Leandro met in Adjourned Session in the City <br /> Council Chamber of the City Hall on the above date at 8:00 p.m. , Mayor Karp <br /> presiding. <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br /> 3. ROLL CALL <br /> PRESENT: Council Members Corbett, Faria, Kerr, Myers, Perry; <br /> Mayor Karp <br /> ABSENT: Council Member Polvorosa <br /> 4. PRESENTATIONS <br /> None <br /> 5. PUBLIC COMMENTS Public Comments are limited to 3 minutes per person. <br /> None <br /> 6. NEW BUSINESS <br /> A. Matter of Memorandum of Understanding Between the City of San Leandro <br /> and the Hayward Exchange, Inc. , Regarding Withdrawal of Appeal and <br /> Other Conditions in Exchange for Mitigation Measures Related to the <br /> Dunsmuir Heights Development in Oakland. <br /> Matter of First Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding. <br /> Mayor Karp opened the meeting. He said the representative for <br /> Sheffield Village and the representative from the affected San Leandro <br /> homeowners association would each be provided 10 minutes to speak. He <br /> said all other speakers would have three minutes each. <br /> City Manager Mike Oliver said the subject of the meeting was a <br /> Memorandum of Understanding between the City of San Leandro and the <br /> Hayward Exchange, Inc. He said the MOU reflected meetings he had with <br /> the Hayward Exchange over the last several months, in response to the <br /> Conditions of Approval for the Dunsmuir project. <br />