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<br />MINUTES Page 7 <br />City of San Leandro City Council and San Leandro Redevelopment Agency Joint Meeting-November 20, 2006 <br /> <br />the housing effort; however, the City would not be adding staff. Vice Mayor Grant <br />asked if staff has inquired about the County's plan for implementing, staffing and <br />funding the Plan. Mr. Liao noted that an interim leadership structure will be created in <br />the next year, and a staffing plan, administrative cost plan, and revenue generation plan <br />will be developed. Ms. Gardner, Alameda County's Housing Director, commented that <br />the County has an interim staffing plan, and part of this year's workplan is the <br />development of a long-term staffing model and a fundraising plan. Vice Mayor Grant <br />asked whether the City would receive regular progress reports on the Plan's <br />implementation. Mr. Liao indicated that once the data collection and monitoring <br />systems are in place, staff will request that the Council receive regular updates. Vice <br />Mayor Grant commented that she believes the Plan is wonderful and identifies needed <br />services. She expressed concern that there may not be sufficient funds to implement the <br />Plan, yet optimism that it will work. <br /> <br />Councilmember Stephens commented that the Plan is ambitious, and he hoped there <br />would be opportunities to make adjustments over time to help ensure its success. Mr. <br />Liao noted that as part ofthe leadership structure there will be a governing board as well <br />as an advisory board and working committees. Councilmember Stephens expressed his <br />support for the Plan and reservations regarding the Plan's current financial viability. He <br />noted the need to end the plague of homelessness, and he expressed willingness to <br />advance any endeavor that hopes to achieve this goal. <br /> <br />Councilmember Badger expressed support for the Plan. He asked if there is a way to <br />opt out of the Plan if it is not meeting its intended purpose. Ms. Gardner expressed <br />hope that the City of San Leandro would participate in the Plan and its implementation <br />based on the desired outcomes. She noted that as currently structured, the City could <br />withdraw from the implementation of the Plan. Mr. Jermanis stated that City staff is <br />recommending that the Council endorse the concept of the Plan but is not asking for a <br />financial commitment. He noted that the Council will control any financial <br />commitment through its budget process. <br /> <br />Public Comments on Item I a.A.: <br /> <br />Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting that the <br />EveryOne Horne Plan importantly recognizes that homelessness is a regional problem <br />and that preventing homelessness is easier than rectifYing it. Mr. Katz urged the City <br />Council's support for the Plan. <br /> <br />Elaine deColigny, Executive Director of Building Futures with Women and Children, <br />addressed the City Council, commenting that as a Countywide plan, the success of <br />EveryOne Horne will rest on the involvement of all the jurisdictions in the county. Ms. <br />deColigny expressed hope that the participants in the Plan can change the public <br />sentiment and public will around the issue of homelessness. She thanked the Council <br />for its support of the Plan. <br /> <br />The Reverend Rob Droste, All Saints Episcopal Church, addressed the City Council, <br />commenting on the importance from a spiritual perspective of lifting up the dignity of <br />