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<br />CITY OF SAN LEANDRO <br />STAFF REPORT <br /> <br />APPROVED AND FORWARDED <br />TO CITY COUNCIL <br /> <br />DATE: <br /> <br />March 19, 2007 <br /> <br /> <br />TO: <br /> <br />John Jermanis, City Manager <br /> <br />FROM: <br /> <br />Hanson Hom,.Community Development Directo <br /> <br /> <br />BY: <br /> <br />Debbie Pollart, Planning Manager <br /> <br />SUBJECT PROJECTIPROJECT DESCRIPTION: <br /> <br />MATTER OF ORDINANCE AMENDING SAN LEANDRO ZONING CODE AS FOLLOWS <br />RELATING TO ASSEMBLY USES: ARTICLE 3, DELETING DEFINITIONS FOR 'CLUBS & <br />LODGES' AND 'RELIGIOUS ASSEMBLY' AND ADDING A NEW DEFINITION FOR <br />'ASSEMBLY USES'; ARTICLE 5, AMENDING SECTIONS 2.504, 2-506, 2-508, AND 2.510 <br />FOR CONSISTENCY WITH NEW DEFINITIONS; ARTICLE 13, ADDING NEW SECTIONS <br />3-1320 THROUGH 3-1330; ARTICLE 17, AMENDING SECTION 4-1704; AND MATTER OF <br />AMENDING SAN LEANDRO ZONING MAP TO INCLUDE 197 PROPERTIES WITH AN <br />ASSEMBLY USE (-AU) OVERLAY DISTRICT DESIGNATION, WHICH WOULD ALLOW <br />ASSEMBLY USES TO BE CONDITIONALLY PERMITTED ON THESE PROPERTIES. <br /> <br />SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />In response to an application by a church to re-Iocate to a non-residential district, staff analyzed <br />the possibility of allowing assembly uses (defined as 'clubs & lodges' and 'religious assembly') <br />on appropriate non-residential sites, and expanding the land use options within the City for <br />assembly uses. In addition, supplementary Zoning Code amendments, begun in 2003 for <br />consistency with the federal government's Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act <br />(RLUIP A), are being proposed. These proposed amendments relate to the definition for assembly <br />uses and the allowable zoning districts for these uses. <br /> <br />Recommendation: <br /> <br />The Board of Zoning Adjustments, the Planning Commission and staff recommend that the City <br />Council hold a public hearing and adopt the Negative Declaration; adopt the proposed Zoning <br />Code amendments to Articles 3, 5, 13, and 17; and the Zoning Map amendments for the 197 <br />identified properties. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />An existing church in San Leandro recently purchased the property at 14600 Catalina (formerly <br />occupied by MDL). On May 18,2006, staff received an application from the church requesting a <br />Zoning Code amendment to conditionally permit Assembly uses in Industrial Limited (IL) zones, <br />and to rezone their property from Industrial Professional (IP) to IL (thus setting up the possibility <br />for review of a use permit for an assembly use at the 14600 Catalina site). <br />