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MINUTES Page 14 <br />City of San Leandro City Council and San Leandro Redevelopment Agency Joint Meeting-Apri16, 2009 <br />C. Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Letter Amendment to the <br />Agreement Between the City of San Leandro and Alameda County Industries, Inc. <br />(ACI) (increases the rates charged to customers by 10% effective July 1, 2009). <br />Mr. Hollister reported that at the March 19, 2009 City and San Leandro Unified School <br />District Liaison Committee meeting, the District asked the City to consider including <br />the provision of free or reduced fee services for the San Leandro Unified School <br />District (SLUSD) in its franchise agreement with ACI. Staff recommends that the ACI <br />rate increase be considered separately from SLUSD's request, and that Council direct <br />staff to work expeditiously with SLUSD, ACI and the City Attorney to determine what <br />level of service can be provided to the School District, and work with them to reduce <br />their waste stream. <br />Public Works Services Director Mike Bakaldin gave a short PowerPoint presentation, <br />describing the current agreement with ACI, ACI's fmancial situation, and the changes <br />proposed to the franchise agreement. <br />Mr. Bakaldin responded to questions from the Council. <br />Mike Katz-Lacabe, President of the San Leandro School Board of Trustees, who <br />was joined by District Superintendent Christine Lim and Board Member Pauline <br />Cutter, addressed the City Council, expressing appreciation to the Council, staff and <br />ACI for their willingness to consider the District's request. Trustee Katz-Lacabe <br />commented on the benefit of this cooperation to the students, parents, and the <br />community. <br />Stephen Cassidy, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, requesting that <br />the Council act to include the schools into the City's contract with ACI. Mr. Cassidy <br />commented on the crippling budget cuts facing SLUSD, and commenting that the <br />contract amendment could be accomplished at no cost to the City's budget. <br />Tim Holmes, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, in support of <br />SLUSD's request for reduced or no-cost collection service. <br />City Attorney Williams pointed out that the School District's request was not <br />previously noticed; however, the Council could direct staff to come back with options <br />for responding to the SLUSD's request. Ms. Williams noted that the School District's <br />request is rather complex; the ACI service area does not include all of SLUSD, and <br />there may be legal issues related to providing service outside the service area. City <br />staff would need to determine whether it is legal to provide service to the District, and <br />what would be the appropriate level of service. Ms. Williams indicated that, at the <br />Council's direction, staff can look into how SLUSD's request can be accommodated. <br />Motions were made by Councilmember Prola, seconded by Councilmember Reed, to 1) <br />adopt the resolution; and 2) direct staff to work with the City Attorney, San Leandro <br />Unified School District and ACI to fmd a way to incorporate in the revised Franchise <br />Agreement assistance to the School District in covering the cost of its refuse and <br />recycling service. <br />