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MINUTES Page 9 <br />City of San Leandro City Council and San Leandro Redevelopment Agency Joint Meeting-,Tanuary 19, 2010 <br />Recreation and Human Services Director Carolyn Knudtson gave an overview of the <br />matter, and introduced Debra Vandiver and Peggy Combs, the Chair and Vice Chair of <br />the Recreation and Parks Commission (RAPC). <br />Chair Vandiver described the community workshops that were held, and the process <br />that was used to determine funding priorities. <br />Public Works Services Director Mike Bakaldin provided a PowerPoint presentation, <br />presenting the ten projects prioritized for funding by the members of the community <br />who participated in the workshops. <br />Vice Chair Combs expressed the appreciation of the RAPC to the City Council for <br />allowing them to engage the community in this process. She also expressed <br />appreciation to the Recreation and Human Services and Public Works Services <br />Departments, for all their efforts to make it a successful exercise. <br />Ms. Knudtson, Ms. Vandiver and Ms. Combs responded to questions from the Council. <br />Ms. Knudtson announced community meetings to gather input for a Prop 84 grant <br />application for Siempre Verde Park. <br />Public Comments on Item 10.B.: <br />Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, stating that he <br />participated in the Measure WW community meetings, and was impressed with, and <br />appreciated, the process. Mr. Katz commented that the process was well designed, and <br />allowed community members with different needs and interests to come to consensus. <br />Mr. Katz stated his support for the Commission's recommendations. <br />Stephen Cassidy, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, agreeing with <br />the comments made by Mr. Katz, and expressing support for the recommendations. Mr. <br />Cassidy commented on the differences between the community workshop and City <br />Council Ad Hoc Committee processes. <br />Sabrina Almazan, Four Paws Society, addressed the City Council, urging the <br />Council's support for the Marina Dog Park. Ms. Almazan commented on the Measure <br />WW community meeting process, and the community's strong support for the project. <br />Tom Fitzsimons, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting on <br />the difficult decisions the Council must make to allocate precious resources. Mr. <br />Fitzsimons commented on the importance of giving the community a voice in helping <br />make the difficult funding decisions, and he urged the Council to approve the RAPC's <br />recommendation. <br />End of Public Comments on Item 10.B. <br />