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CITY OF SAN LEANDRO APPROVED AND <br /> STAFF REPORT FORWARDED <br /> TO CITY COUNCIL <br /> DATE: December 15, 2010 <br /> TO: City Council Stephen L. Hollister <br /> City Manager <br /> FROM: Stephen L. Hollister, City Manager <br /> VIA: Lianne Marshall, Assistant City Manager `... <br /> BY: Louise Kenist Sr H uman Resources Analyst <br /> SUBJECT PROJECT /PROJECT'DESCRIPTION: <br /> RESOLUTION APPROVING THE MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN <br /> THE CITY OF SAN LEANDRO AND THE SAN LEANDRO CITY EMPLOYEES' <br /> ASSOCIATION, LOCAL 21 IFPTE, AFL -CIO (SLCEA). <br /> SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION <br /> • <br /> It is recommended that the City Council approve a resolution ratifying the Memorandum of <br /> Understanding between the City of San Leandro and the San Leandro City Employees' <br /> Association, Local 21 IFPTE, covering the period January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2012. <br /> 13ACKCROUND <br /> The San Leandro City Employees' Association, Local 21 IFPTE represents approximately 280 <br /> full- and part -time employees throughout the organization. This group includes clerical, <br /> • administrative, blue collar, technical and professional employees working in every City <br /> Department. The previous Memorandum of Understanding covered the period January 1, 2010 <br /> through December 31, 2010. <br /> The City commenced negotiations for a successor labor agreement with SLCEA representatives <br /> in November 2010. Negotiators have now reached a tentative agreement. The Association has <br /> yet to ratify the agreement; should it fail to do so prior to the City Council meeting, this item will <br /> be pulled from the Agenda. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The major elements of the tentative agreement include the following: <br /> Duration: Two years, starting January I, 2011 and ending December 31, 2012. <br /> Wages: No increase during the term of the agreement. <br />