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CITY OF SAN LEANDRO <br /> STAFF REPORT <br /> APPROVED AND <br /> FORWARDED <br /> TO CITY <br /> RA'I'Lā€¢': March 7, 2011 <br /> TO: Stephen L. Hollister, City Manager Stephen L. Hollister <br /> City Manager <br /> FROM: Luke Sims, Community Development DirectorA <br /> BY: Cynthia Battenberg, Business Development Manager <br /> SUBJECT PROJECT/PROJECT DESCRIPTION: <br /> MATTER OF THE CITY COUNCIL FORMATION OF A SAN LEANDRO BRANDING <br /> AND MARKETING STRATEGY WORKING GROUP <br /> SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION <br /> Development of a San Leandro Branding and Marketing Strategy is recommended to enhance <br /> the City's business attraction and retention efforts. The Redevelopment Agency has entered into <br /> a Consulting Services Agreement with The Placemaking Group at a cost not -to- exceed S10.000 <br /> for facilitation of a business working group and the development of a Branding Strategy to <br /> promote San Leandro as a great place to do business. At the February 22, 2011 City Council <br /> meeting, the Council requested the composition of the working group be agendized for <br /> discussion at a future meeting. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> San Leandro has a long reputation as a great place to do business. We value industry and the <br /> jobs it creates; 23% of the land in San Leandro is zoned for Industrial use. We welcome retail <br /> and are a major importer of sales tax dollars with twice the average per capita sales tax income of <br /> Alameda County and the State of California. Our business license tax is one of the lowest in the <br /> region and is based on number of employees, not gross receipts or payroll taxes. Our Downtown <br /> Transit Oriented Development Strategy received multiple awards and resulted in attracting <br /> approximately 530 million in grant funding. We are centrally located considered a safe place to <br /> do business, and lease and purchase rates are relatively affordable. A branding and marketing <br /> strategy is being developed to assist in leveraging new methods of communication and <br /> promoting the City effectively. <br /> This program was identified through meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and Automall <br /> Dealers Association who were concerned that an increase in the City's sales tax rate would <br /> impact business. While it is unclear if funding will be available to roll -out a large marketing <br /> campaign, important work can be done now to identify and create the San Leandro brand, which <br /> is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Specifically, using the City's Economic <br /> Development Strategy and Work Program as a starting point and gaining input from a group of <br />