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City Council <br />Minutes - Draft November 7, 2011 <br />10.D. 11 -311 Report on Mutual Aid Response by San Leandro Police Department <br />Attachments: 2005 Agreement <br />MIKE KATZ- LACABE, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council regarding <br />the need to incorporate a civilian oversight component in the mutual aid agreement. <br />10.E. Report on Closed Session Actions Taken <br />No closed session action taken. <br />11. CITY COUNCIL CALENDAR <br />City Councilmembers announced upcoming events and coordinated attendance. <br />12. CITY COUNCIL REPORTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS <br />City Councilmembers reported on meetings and other local events attended since the <br />last meeting, and made brief comments on issues of concern. <br />13. ADJOURN <br />The meeting was adjourned at 10:32 p.m., in Memory of Dana Weaver. <br />City of San Leandro Page 7 <br />