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City Council Minutes February 21,2012 <br /> Institutions and Entertainment Activities <br /> The Hearing was opened to the public. <br /> MARGARITA LACABE, San Leandro resident, commented on the International <br /> Church of the Foursquare Gospel's(ICFG)lawsuit against the City, and called the <br /> City's Zoning Code unconstitutional. Ms. Lacabe stated that entertainment and <br /> recreational activities in the industrial areas would make those areas more attractive <br /> to employers. <br /> CHRIS CROW, San Leandro resident, commented that he raised the issue of the <br /> relationship between the proposed Zoning Code amendments and the ICFG lawsuit <br /> as a Planning Commissioner. Mr. Crow stated that he hoped the City Council would <br /> side with the Planning Commission, and that the Council could have an honest <br /> conversation on this issue. <br /> DAN DILLMAN,Xzault, commented that the proposed ordinance lacked the Board of <br /> Zoning Adjustments'and Planning Commission's recommendations, and he asked <br /> the Council to make the right decision for the residents of San Leandro. <br /> DAVID JOHNSON, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, read a message that he <br /> sent to the City Council today, and commented that the proposed amendments be a <br /> disincentive to businesses that want an inviting,adaptive community and amenities <br /> for its employees. Mr.Johnson suggested that the Council refer the matter to the <br /> Business and Housing Development Committee. <br /> MIKE KATZ-LACABE, San Leandro resident, commented that he felt the Zoning <br /> Code amendments would unnecessarily limit the uses of the industrial area. <br /> DARLENE EVANS, San Leandro resident, commented on assembly uses. <br /> There being no further public comments, and without objection, the Public Hearing <br /> was closed. <br /> The City Council recessed from 8:55 p.m. to 9:05 p.m. <br /> 12-057 PASS TO PRINT: An Ordinance Amending Provisions of the San <br /> Leandro Zoning Code Relating to Miscellaneous Changes to the NA-2, <br /> SA-2, and DA-3 Zoning Districts Related to Assembly Uses and <br /> Cultural Institutions <br /> A motion was made by Mayor Cassidy,seconded by Vice Mayor Gregory,that <br /> this Ordinance be Passed to Print with Amendment;that discussion of the <br /> proposed changes to Industrial Districts be referred to the City Council Rules <br /> and Communicatons Committee;and that the Public Hearing be continued to <br /> March 19,2012.The motion carried by the following vote. <br /> Aye: 7- Cassidy, Cutter, Gregory, Prola, Reed, Souza, Starosciak <br /> Enactment No: Ordinance 2012-002 <br /> 3.A. 12-033 Staff Report for Consideration of Amendments to the City's Zoning <br /> Code Related to Large Family Day Care, Accessory Structures, <br /> Paving in Residential Front Yards in Residential Districts, and Fences <br /> in the Residential Single-Family View Preservation Overlay District <br /> City of San Leandro Page 2 <br />