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City Council Minutes May 21,2012 <br /> Chocolate of San Leandro in Honor of Ghirardelli Chocolate <br /> Company's 160th Anniversary <br /> 2.C. 12-252 Proclamation Declaring June 2, 2012 as "Relay for Life Day" in San <br /> Leandro <br /> 3. PUBLIC HEARINGS—CITY COUNCIL <br /> 3.A. 12-253 Staff Report for an Ordinance Approving Zoning Map and Text <br /> Amendments for the Establishment of a Planned District by Rezoning <br /> the Subject Property from DA-1 (S)to"Planned Development District", <br /> and the Approval of a Planned Development Permit for a 27,664 <br /> Square Foot Retail Project Located at 1550 East 14th Street. Innisfree <br /> Ventures II, LLC- PLN2011-00039; APN 077 0540 009 00 <br /> The Public Hearing for this item was conducted simultaneously with the Public <br /> Hearing for Item 3.8. <br /> 12-256 PASS TO PRINT: An Ordinance Approving a Zoning Map and Text <br /> Amendment for the Establishment of a Planned District and the <br /> Approval of a Planned Development Permit for a 27,644 Square Foot <br /> Retail Project Located at 1550 East 14th Street(approves the <br /> rezoning and planned development of the Village Marketplace) <br /> A motion was made by Councilmember Starosciak,seconded by <br /> Councilmember Reed,that this Ordinance be Passed to Print.The motion <br /> carried by the following vote. <br /> Aye: 7- Cassidy, Cutter, Gregory, Prole, Reed, Souza, Starosciak <br /> Enactment No: Ordinance 2012-010 <br /> 3.B. 12-258 Staff Report for the Disposition and Development Agreement by and <br /> Between the City of San Leandro, in Its Capacity as the Successor <br /> Agency to the San Leandro Redevelopment Agency, and Innisfree <br /> Ventures II, LLC for the$2.25 million Sale of 1550 East 14th Street for <br /> the Development of Village Marketplace (City to receive approximately <br /> $270,000 of sales proceeds based upon its property tax allocation <br /> rate. Village Marketplace will bring on-going sales tax and property tax <br /> revenue to the City and will create approximately 113 jobs.) <br /> The Hearing was opened to the public. <br /> AUDREY VELASQUEZ, on behalf of the San Leandro Downtown Business <br /> Association, expressed the DBA's support for the Village Marketplace project. <br /> GAYE QUINN, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, expressed the Chamber's strong <br /> support for the project. <br /> DEBORAH COX, San Leandro resident, spoke in support of the project, and <br /> encouraged the search for small business tenants to fill the space. <br /> MIKE KATZ, San Leandro resident, commented on the Issues with the process, such <br /> City of San Leandro Page 2 <br />