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RE S O L UT ION NO. 2012-0020B <br />RESOLUTION OF THE OVERSIGHT BOARD <br />FOR THE SUCCESSOR AGENCY TO THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF THE <br />CITY OF SAN LEANDRO <br />AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF AN AMENDED AND RESTATED <br />COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE SUCCESSOR AGENCY TO THE <br />REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF THE CITY OF SAN LEANDRO AND THE CITY OF <br />SAN LEANDRO REGARDING THE CONSTRUCTION AND FUNDING OF EDEN <br />ROAD IMPROVEMENTS AND HAYS STREET IMPROVEMENTS <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolution 2012 -001, adopted by the City Council of the City of <br />San Leandro on January 9, 2012, the City of San Leandro agreed to serve as the Successor <br />Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Leandro ( "Redevelopment Agency ") <br />commencing upon dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency on February 1, 2012 pursuant to <br />Assembly Bill xl 26 ( "AB 26 "); <br />WHEREAS, Health and Safety Code Section 33220 authorized any public body to enter <br />into an agreement with a redevelopment agency for the purpose of aiding and cooperating in the <br />planning, undertaking, construction, or operation of redevelopment projects located within the <br />jurisdiction in which such public body is authorized to act, upon the terms and with or without <br />consideration as such public body determines; and <br />WHEREAS, Health and Safety Code Section 33126(b) authorized redevelopment <br />agencies to enter into contracts with any other public agency pursuant to which the public agency <br />would agree to furnish necessary staff services associated with or required by redevelopment. <br />WHEREAS, the governing board of the Redevelopment Agency and the San Leandro <br />City Council ( "City Council ") each adopted the findings required by Health and Safety Code <br />Section 33445 with respect to the public improvements described in Exhibit A attached hereto, <br />consisting of the Eden Road Improvements and the Hays Street Improvements (collectively, the <br />"Public Improvements "), by resolutions adopted on January 17, 2011; <br />WHEREAS, the City of San Leandro ( "City ") and the Redevelopment Agency entered <br />into that certain Cooperative Agreement dated as of January 17, 2011 (the "Original <br />Cooperative Agreement "), pursuant to which the City agreed to undertake the construction and <br />installation of the Public Improvements and certain other public improvements, and the <br />Redevelopment Agency agreed to provide funding for such work; <br />WHEREAS, in accordance with AB 26, the City, acting in its capacity as Successor <br />Agency, prepared a Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule ( "ROPS ") setting forth the <br />1875633.1 <br />